Workers' Compensation

Woods, Brangwin & Bratton, PLLC, is one of the few local law firms that dedicates its practice to helping injured workers, and stays current on all the latest information in this field. Unlike some other firms, at Woods & Brangwin & Bratton, PLLC, an experienced attorney is in control of your case from start to finish. This is very important for every client because it helps to avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes.

During your initial free consultation via telephone or at our office, we will review with you the pertinent background information about your claim, preliminarily identify the problems on your claim, advise you of your rights under the Industrial Insurance laws, and then make a recommendation about you needing representation now or at some point in the future. Our goal is to make certain that your rights are protected and that you timely receive all of your benefits under the Workers' Compensation laws of the State of Washington.

We know what to do if a claim is rejected by the Department of Labor & Industries or Self-Insured Employer. We have the experience to review claim files, including medical and vocational reports, and pursue benefits for our clients. In many cases, a disabled worker is not aware that they may be entitled to additional benefits or that another claim could be filed. Throughout the process of one case or multiple cases, we will keep in close contact with you, answer your questions, and adhere to every deadline.

Woods, Brangwin & Bratton, PLLC, maintains an active practice in the field of workers' compensation. Helping "the little guy" achieve the maximum compensation he or she deserves for his or her pain and injuries is what the attorneys and staff at Woods, Brangwin & Bratton, PLLC, strive for every day.

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