Family Law

At Woods, Brangwin and Bratton, PLLC, we understand the highly personal decisions you face when divorcing your spouse; when making decisions affecting custody, visitation and support of your children; or when bringing your family together through adoption. We will guide and support you through these complex and difficult decisions, helping you to make the right choices and protecting your interests from unfair overreaching.

Contested and Uncontested; Property Settlements including characterization and division of assets, businesses, stocks, and stock options; Separation Contracts and Property Agreements; Spousal Support/Maintenance.

Child Support, Parenting Plans, Custody and Parentage, Visitation, Modifications, Relocations, Guardians ad litem, Adoptions including Single Parents and Same-Sex Partners.

Domestic Violence, Protection Orders, Restraining Orders, Anti-Harassment Orders.

Negotiation, Arbitration, Mediation.

Contempt of Court, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Modifications.

We strive to resolve emotional and difficult family law issues efficiently and effectively for our clients, while keeping the client's goals and objectives paramount. When litigation is necessary, we are formidable opponents pursuing and protecting our client's interests.

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