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Woods & Brangwin, PLLC

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Practice Areas

At Woods & Brangwin, PLLC, we are courtroom lawyers, emphasizing these areas:

Family Law Print Email

At Woods & Brangwin, PLLC, we understand the highly personal decisions you face when divorcing your spouse; when making decisions affecting custody, visitation and support of your children; or when bringing your family together through adoption. We will guide and support you through these complex and difficult decisions, helping you to make the right choices and protecting your interests from unfair overreaching.

Workers' Compensation - L & I Claims Print Email

Woods & Brangwin, PLLC is one of the few local law firms that dedicates its practice to helping injured workers, and stays current on all the latest information in this field. Unlike some other firms, at Woods & Brangwin, PLLC an experienced attorney is in control of your case from start to finish. This is very important for every client because it helps to avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes.

Personal Injury Print Email

Individuals respond to injuries in their own way, but for most a serious injury results in disruption of their daily lives, their relationships, and their well-being. The pain and anxiety of the injury and the healing process can be prolonged, and the stress of dealing with health care providers, insurance companies, and technical forms can make matters worse. The person who was responsible for causing your injury should pay for your damages--medical bills, lost pay, damaged property, and your personal pain and discomfort.

Criminal Defense Print Email

Criminal cases can be very complex because proper evaluation requires skill and knowledge of court rules, rules of evidence, rules of criminal procedure, familiarity with a large number of criminal statutes, and knowledge of state and federal constitutional law.

DUI - Driving Under the Influence Print Email

Free Online DUI Case Evaluation FormWoods & Brangwin, PLLC, is widely recognized as the leading DUI defense firm in North Central Washington.

DUI cases are complex, difficult, criminal charges that can have severe consequences for our clients. Not every lawyer has the skill or knowledge needed to get the best results. If charged with a DUI you need an accomplished, aggressive attorney. You need an attorney familiar with the court in which you are going to appear, who knows the latest issues in DUI defense and who will work hard for you. In North Central Washington, you need Woods & Brangwin, PLLC.

portable breathe testOur expertise also helps our clients who have been charged with other alcohol related offenses such as Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence, Boating Under the Influence, Negligent Driving First Degree, Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault. We fight these tough battles for our clients every day.

If you have been charged with a DUI or another crime involving alcohol give Woods & Brangwin, PLLC, a call. We will thoroughly analyze your case and start helping you right away. We offer a variety of custom payment plans to make it possible to provide you quality legal representation when you need it most. Contact us today.

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