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Head On Collision Settled for $300,000
Written by John Brangwin
Friday, 05 March 2010 17:58
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MR_article_photo_resizeOn July 16, 2007, Ron[1] was driving a company truck south-bound on US-97 near Omak, WA. A driver going the opposite direction tried to pass a semi-truck in a no-passing zone. Ron tried to avoid a head-on collision but was unable to do so because of the guardrail along the highway. When the collision was over Ron and his passenger were alive, but injured. The on-coming driver was not so lucky; he died instantly.

Ron was taken by ambulance to a hospital where emergency surgery was performed to repair his badly broken wrist. He also had a number of abrasions and he was extremely sore most strongly in his left knee, back and shoulder. In all, Ron would have three surgeries to his wrist and countless medical appointments.


MR_photo_3A few weeks after the accident, Ron hired Woods & Brangwin, PLLC to assist him with his case. The case was primarily handled by me, with help from attorney, Shane Reichert, and the entire office staff.

After the accident, Ron was unable to return to work because of his injuries. He was working at the time of the accident which made him eligible for workers compensation benefits. The first challenge was to ensure that Labor & Industries were paying Ron all of his benefits he was entitled to under the law, including all of Ron’s medical bills and wage benefits. We successfully fought to have Ron retrained for a new job because his wrist injury would not allow him to perform the construction work he did before the accident. It is estimated that Woods & Brangwin, PLLC secured nearly $90,000 in benefits from L&I.

Next, we sought justice from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The at-fault driver maintained only limited coverage of $50,000. We quickly got the insurance company to offer the full policy limits of $50,000. Because the at-fault driver had perished and was of limited means, we did not pursue a judgment against the driver. Instead, we accepted the policy limits of $50,000 from his insurance company.

MR_article_photo_3Finally, we made a claim to the insurance company of Ron’s employer. Fortunately for Ron, his employer carried Under-Insured Motorist (UIM) coverage. Many employers exclude such coverage for their employees. Employers that carry UIM coverage for their employees should be commended. We made a demand to the UIM insurance company, but instead of proceeding to court, both sides agreed to use Spokane attorney, John Riseborough, to mediate a resolution. After a full day of negotiations a settlement of $250,000 was reached. This brought the total recovery to $300,000.

Ron is still in college being retrained and intends to continue his college towards a degree in a medical field such as nursing or surgery technician. Ron also has his first child on the way. The proceeds from the settlement will allow Ron to finish college, make a down-payment on a house, and care for his new child


About John Brangwin:

John Brangwin is a partner in the Wenatchee law firm Woods & Brangwin, PLLC. Like all the attorneys at Woods & Brangwin, PLLC he is a member of the Washington State Association of Justice, commonly called the Trial Lawyers Association. A licensed attorney since 1997, when John is not defending those accused of crimes he is using his trial skills to fight for the injured person.

1 Our client has authorized Woods & Brangwin Law Firm, PLLC to publish his story. However, we have changed his name to protect his privacy.





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